FAQ Keychain

Photo Upload Tutorial

Please make sure to check our examples below on which photos are not well suited to be engraved and that your photo is compliant with it!
  1. Click on "Choose File" to upload any picture you like.
    Please make sure the photo is good quality. The better the photos that you give us the better your keychain will look!
  2. Do not include more than 3-4 people in the frame, otherwise the quality might suffer if we have to squash the image!
  3. After you have chosen a photo to upload wait for a few seconds before clicking on "Add to cart" so the photo is completely uploaded. You will see a preview image once it's finished.
  4. If you see your picture uploaded sideways don't worry we will turn it upright for you!
  5. If you want to order different photos you have to add each photo individually to your cart. So you upload 1 photo, click add to cart and then go back to the product page (you can click back in your browser, or click on the keychain picture in the cart). Then you can add another one. 

Upload From Android Phone


Upload From iPhone