Perfect mattress protector cover

Perfect mattress protector cover

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We spend nearly a third of our entire lives in our beds, so why not have the best sleep and mattress experience that you can?

The Perfect Mattress Protector Cover is just what the doctor ordered, as its soft, hypoallergenic and breathable surface keeps your bed cool and dry throughout the night.


  • 100% waterproof design with polyurethane protection keeps your mattress in pristine condition as it prevents all kinds of stains, messes, dust, bacteria, mold, bugs, and any other impurities
  • Crinkle-free and chemical-free design -  Made from high quality terry cloth, the Protector Cover is comfortable, soft and breathable to help you get a great night's rest with no crinkling noises
  • Ultra-thin knitted polyester provides a smooth surface that stretches and coutours with the body, providing maximum comfort and flexibility

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